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I teach atelier style drawing and painting classes using traditional methods as used by the old masters using the sight size technique, plumb lines and mirrors. The method involves long poses and slow studiesand is suitable for both beginners and competent artists

My classes are situated in West London in the 4020 Art Group room in the wonderful old Hanwell Community Centre in West London. I have to limit classes to a maximum of 10 people, 8 for portrait. All classes are run by the term. Please contact me for availability.

Directions: Hanwell Community Centre has free parking, Rail: Castlebar Park. Buses to venue: E11, E1, E3 (map)



Monday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm
7th January – 1st April 2019
(12 weeks). No class at half term 18th February.

£190 Model fees included

We will be working on long poses, the first two for 3 weeks each, then after half term a longer 6 week pose. You are invited to work in any medium you wish to develop. Easels and boards are in situ, you will need to bring your own materials and I can recommend what to get if needed. Contact me if you would like to attend or would like to be added to my mailing list for the future. Payment is due in advance of the first class.


Tuesday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm
26th February – 2nd April 2019. 6 week term.

£95 Model fees included

The six week class will be set up with a, clothed model sitting for one long pose over the whole period.

The portrait will be set up so the image will be sight size, the same technique as the life drawing and students can draw or paint if they prefer. Images will be 3/4 length compositions, so clothing and sometimes hands included.


Friday mornings 10am – 1pm (longer 3 hour class)
11th January – 15th February 2019
. 6 week term.

£110 for 6 weeks. Model fees not included (which can be £90 for the 6 weeks unless you bring a friend to sit)

In the Friday class two students will work with one model between them, positioned so that the image on the canvas lines up with the model. I can arrange a model for which the hourly rate is £10 which would be split between two students (so £15 each for each three hour, morning class) or students are welcome to bring a friend or relative in to avoid the extra costs. All payments are due in advance of the first class.

Both portrait classes run for 6 weeks this term. Contact me if you would like to attend or would like to be added to my mailing list for the future. Students are welcome to work in any medium including drawing and charcoal, oil or pastel and I can advise on materials which would need to be brought by each individual.

Oil Painting Materials List

All the classes are small and friendly. Although there is no storage for drawings or materials, wet canvases can be left in situ between classes. Tea and coffee is provided.

Hanwell Community Centre

4020 Art Room (map)
Hanwell Community Centre,
Westcott Crescent,
Hanwell, London W7 1PD

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